Pumping, Cleaning, & Repairing of Cesspit

Pumping, cleaning, and repairs of cesspits are our specialities in which we pump the sewage from your cesspit and transport it to the facility to be processed.  The cleaning is done by the removal of the sludge from inside the cesspit and also transport to a facility. We also rebuild or repair cesspits that are not in proper working order within Bermuda Island.

Pump & Cleaning of Grease Trap

The purpose of a grease trap is to catch grease/food waste and prevent it from flowing into the main line and causing a clog. We recommend regular maintenance to ensure optimum performance with our grease trap pumping and cleaning services.

Portable Toilet Rentals

We have portable toilets for rent that are used for special events such as public holidays, etc and in the top of the list of Bermudian portable toilet rentals companies.

Plumbing & Other Related Services

We take care of all plumbing services for your household. We have skilled Bermuda plumbers with all solutions for blockage and more.

General Trucking

​This is the transporting of any items to a particular site of your choice with the use of our dump truck and manpower to exist you to make this an easy task. Try and experience our company’s best trucking services!

Septic Tank Locating

​​In septic tank transferring services, a device is used to locate the cesspit with minor to no digging on site. Contact us for more information.

Water Tank Cleaning 

​​​​In our local water tank cleaning services, we pump out the remainder of the water in your tank and then go through a top-to-bottom clean process, finish by a re-coat of plaster/ cement mix.